0-50 CE · Israel · The Holy Week Series

The House of Judgment

Nicodemus, a pious lawyer and friend of Jesus, is summoned to be a juryman for the trial of Jesus of Nazareth. As Jesus is tried for His life, Nicodemus can’t help but notice how unusual and, well, illegal the proceedings are. Frightened, he wonders when the council will give up… or if they’ll succeed.

Time Eating Monkeys

Time Eating Monkeys Strike Again!

The war with the Time Eating Monkeys continue! After many months of near-constant skirmishes and combat, the Monkeys have developed a new strategy, code name “The Holidays” (or at least, so says my ring of loyal and well-trained spies). Therefore, I am buckling down the hatches this month (and possibly next) in preparation for the… Continue reading Time Eating Monkeys Strike Again!